LockMate Sydney
Designer Door Furniture
Since 1991
LockMate Sydney
Designer Door Furniture | Since 1991

About Lockmate

We are an Architectural Hardware shop that supply Designer Architectural Door Hardware  .

Lock mate have been supplying door hardware solutions for architects, builders, interior designers and commercial/residential customers for more than 15 years. We consistently deliver quality Designer door furniture solutions.

Our extensive product range includes architectural handles, joinery handles, locks and closers.   (Below is a List of some of our Large Range) 

When you buy from lock mate , you are assured of a quality product backed by a Guarantee.

Our Showroom is based in North Parramatta NSW.

Lock Mate has worked hard and long to establish a reputation as a company with total commitment to customer service. Hardware is our business and our customers known they can rely on prompt delivery, installation of there NEW Door Furniture.

In Lock Mate extensive range, you will find a door designer Hardware to suit every decorating theme and almost every architectural period, and to meet every budget requirement from low cost door furniture to products for the luxury home market.

An innovator in the Architectural door furniture industry, Lock Mate has brought stylish designer locks within the price reach of every customers need of every Budget of Hardware.

Lock Mate is a customer focused company.

Our website contains over 1700 Products with different options.

The services Lock Mate offer their customers is what makes us unique when compared with other Door Hardware of its size in Australia.

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